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Marching for Science on Earth Day

“Events like this will lift the spirits of scientists. They are finding a voice.”

That’s what Michael Mann, an AAUP member and professor of atmospheric sciences at Penn State, told the Guardian about why he participated in the March for Science on Saturday.

All in all, it was quite an Earth Day. Thousands of people came together in DC and at marches across the country to support this fact: science is real and should not be a partisan issue.

The AAUP was proud to partner with hundreds of other organizations as sponsor of the march. Here’s what some said about the march:

  • “I am a scientist. Need I say more?”
  • “I cannot think of a more important issue for university faculty than freedom of inquiry and freedom of information. That’s at the core of this march.”
  • “Because I’m a woman and a scientist. Because science is relevant to our health, the environment, and our comfort.”
  • “I don’t want what I teach to be undermined by politics.”
  • “If a scientist raises their voice in protest, in DC you get progress. That’s just elementary chaos theory.”

Check out a few photos from the marches. Share this graphic on Facebook and tell us why you joined the March for Science in the comments.

Science March photos

Thanks for marching.

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