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A Political Environment Ripe for Targeted Harassment

One year ago today, Donald J. Trump was sworn in as president. During his administration, the political environment has become increasingly hostile to higher education and academics. We have seen a travel ban targeting people, including faculty and students, from Muslim countries; attacks on campuses that fought to protect their students as part of the sanctuary campus movement; and an expanded platform for radical right-wing groups that target faculty and academic freedom.

The AAUP has been fighting these attacks in the courts and in our daily work. As a result of the spike in cases of targeted harassment that has occurred in the last year, we’re working harder than ever to combat attacks on faculty. Last week we let you know that we’re going to be shining a spotlight on the subject during the week of January 22. Be sure to join us.

And here’s something you can do to fight targeted harassment right now. Sign a petition in support of Laurie Rubel, a professor of mathematics education at Brooklyn College, who has become the latest target of right-wing sites and faces a wave of deeply disturbing harassment.

Learn more and sign here.

Dr. Rubel’s case demonstrates why being informed and ready to act when it comes to targeted harassment has never been more important. Starting Monday, we’ll kick off with an overview of the work we’re doing and let you know how you can raise your voice in the fight. We’ll share some guidelines about targeted harassment and social media and get you the most up-to-date resources on the subject.

You’ll also hear from a faculty member who was the target of an attack that led to his suspension, and on Friday, January 26, we’ll hold a Facebook Live chat with Joan Wallach Scott and Hank Reichman, two leading voices in the fight for academic freedom.

We’ll send you information throughout next week. Want to do more?

Donate to the AAUP Foundation and support its continued work fighting for academic freedom in the courts and enabling us to investigate cases where faculty voices are being curtailed and targeted.

One year in, the fight continues.


P.S. To see all our resources for the week, check out our page on One Faculty, One Resistance.

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