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Going Forward from the Election

The voters have spoken. Unprecedented voter turnout has affirmed the strength of our democracy. Like others who value education and truth, science and facts, Black lives and human rights, we breathed a collective sigh of relief on Saturday.

We celebrate the return of a competent and ethical president to the White House and the historic election of the first woman, first Black woman, first woman of South Asian descent, and first daughter of immigrants for the vice presidency of this country. We look forward to working with an administration that cares about education, believes in science, and will work for justice and opportunity for all.

Let’s all take a moment to stop and appreciate the amazing voter engagement and organizing work that went into this election. The future looks brighter to me today. I can see a future in which higher education is accessible and affordable, Black lives matter, health care is a human right, everyone is paid a fair wage and treated with dignity in the workplace, and public policy is formulated based on expertise and science. We can make that future a reality.

Our good work will continue. The opportunity is now to work with our allies to build a stronger and more equitable America.

Enjoy a well-deserved celebration, and then let’s get back to our work!


Irene Mulvey, AAUP President

Author: RonnieHays

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